Monday, March 1, 2010

Call me Stripes.

Those are not ordianry black tights they are dotted and have rosebuds designed on them but my camera wouldn't pick it up. I really like the picnik edit I did.

So today was a bust. Full of lameness referred to the first day of the weekkkk MONDAY. AHHHH (muahhhhhh) NO!!! That was my movie in my head of what happen when it's Monday. literally every Monday. So I was thinking and I was like why did i not post anything last week? AND I remebered I felt like poo all week. Well if I didn't, I definately didn't take the time to take pictures. It was a rough week. And I am a little angry cause I wore this really kick butt nerd outfit and didn't take pictures. Yarg. While driving today, the sun was beating through my window and I was so toasty, I thought it was summer. I was sadly dissappointed when I exited my car, but it was like that hope. Do you ever have those days were it wasn't bad, but was ordinary. Oh by the way, they are supposedly calling for snow tomorrow. I told my friend I would take a noose, and literally hang myself. That or I could sleep all day. Does anyone watch my Life as Liz? I watch it religiously and am pretty determined that Liz and me are destined to be friends. What do you guys think about the show?