Monday, March 1, 2010

Call me Stripes.

Those are not ordianry black tights they are dotted and have rosebuds designed on them but my camera wouldn't pick it up. I really like the picnik edit I did.

So today was a bust. Full of lameness referred to the first day of the weekkkk MONDAY. AHHHH (muahhhhhh) NO!!! That was my movie in my head of what happen when it's Monday. literally every Monday. So I was thinking and I was like why did i not post anything last week? AND I remebered I felt like poo all week. Well if I didn't, I definately didn't take the time to take pictures. It was a rough week. And I am a little angry cause I wore this really kick butt nerd outfit and didn't take pictures. Yarg. While driving today, the sun was beating through my window and I was so toasty, I thought it was summer. I was sadly dissappointed when I exited my car, but it was like that hope. Do you ever have those days were it wasn't bad, but was ordinary. Oh by the way, they are supposedly calling for snow tomorrow. I told my friend I would take a noose, and literally hang myself. That or I could sleep all day. Does anyone watch my Life as Liz? I watch it religiously and am pretty determined that Liz and me are destined to be friends. What do you guys think about the show?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

My third(all in a row)

Yes, that really says "I llike your face" I'm pretty sure I have ever seen anything more wonderful.
This is the third "installment" of my week of shorts, tights, and high socks. Sorry again, for the very slight diversity. AND PS I'm sorry I haven't done anything in about a week or more, I started back at school and I always want to cry when that happens. : (

Back to Work

This was a pretty fun day. I spent my day in the first oufit which I have been planning on for about 3 weeks now and then went to a masquerade at school and dressed like a girl from the 40s with no mask, don't ask me why I can't be normal and go with the rules, but I can't. HA That dress is genius and fits like a glove around my waist.

SO I'm back in school! UGHHH. Does anyone truly like it? I never have been able to. I feel like I could be teaching myself REAL LIFE things and not worry about the shtuff I'm being forced to learn now. They are literally shoving knowledge down my throat and I sure don't want it.

Something that has been on my mind lately is perfection. What is perfection? Perfect according to the defintion is conforming absolutely to the description of defination to an ideal type. What is that? IS perfection another way to conform? TO become something that your not? I know that I'm NOT perfect, I know I have blemishes, physically and mentally. SO how come when I am trying to be myself I'm compared to perfect? Compared to conformity? Thats disgusting to me. How could I ever be an ideal that someone put me into and made up? I'm really over the idea of perfect and what is normal. I have never wanted that lifestyle and I am sick and tired of those who try so hard to fit into it. AKA MY HIGH SCHOOL. It's full of conformists and suck-ups. Who wants that? Who wants to live that way? Maybe I'm the wierd one and maybe I don't make sense, but I love who I am and if no one likes that then screw it. I watched Little Miss Sunshine and Dwayne stated "Do what you love and fuck the rest." Unbelievably true and I wish my fellow classmates could see it too.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mentos? How 90s.

I walked downstairs claiming to join the Runaways : ) I really loved this outfit. TO bad I didn't show it off as it should have been.
I cleaned on this day and so by the end of it taking pictures made me happy. : ) Sorry for the awkward facial expression in the clothing picture.
Shooo, my past few days have included no school, backseat goodbye, constantly talking to my best friend, and dressing in tights and shorts. You guys are going to kill me cause tomorrow I plan on rocking the shorts and tights yet again. : sorry! I think the goodgirl/rebellion in me is forcing me to do this, due to my exceptionally long arms and legs and short torso, I never get away with wearing shorts to school and wearing tights doesn't work on these homies either. Whatever, I get good grades and am involved in extra curriculars, but that doesn't include a sport, so I don't get to break the rules. You know how many cheerleaders I see rocking super short skirts/dresses with NO tights. NOT ONLY should it be illegal in this weather, but the fact they ALL get away with it makes me want to kill someone. SORRY for the rant. Look at my CLOTHES : )

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hey I think your cute, would you like to be my new best friend?

Yay for Chad Suggs!!!! So Thes Con was fun, but much was canceled to all the shameless snow floating around. Lets leave it at , I hate snow! Its almost twelve and I really just wanted to blog. Even thoguh I'm pretty sure no one is reading this ha. I recently took a little trip an Urban Outfittters and shemlessly bought an my first Urban Renewal dress. Its so adorkable and polka-dotted, can't wait to wear it and also purchased a smownderful light pink high waisted skirt to add to my collection. I attempted to clean my room, but as explaining this to a friend she replied with, your room is clean messy all the time, yet again reminding me of my ridiculous amounts of clutter. OH back to Urban, anyone seen the recent catalog? Its beautiful look back at the vintage loveliness. Loved it. I'm pining over this dress above. Absolutely delicious. Due to the incliment weather I was sporting pairs of jeans and many grandma sweaters. Not to adorable, but I did get a hug pin from an exceptionally beautiful looking man. : )
Peace, KivaKeva?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bright Eyes

THis is funky looking too, but I liked how kinda eerie it looked I played with it on picnik a little so sorry it turned out wierd ha. yet another day of rain so I whipped out a pair of pants I bought forever go and whipped out this rock n' roll vibe. On my feet are TOMS, but they got a little wet due to all the rain. : (

Sorry for yet another blurry picture. My blue jean skirt is back again and with a vengence. This sweater is my moms from high school. She graduated in the 70s : ) It was a treasure to find so I played up a quirky nerdy cheerleader, wholesome being the emphasized word. : )

My sudden obsession with Bright Eyes is wierd. I got the music from off our family computer which recently crashed so good thing I got it while I could. Now I have my own computer and I don't have any of my music on it. YIKES. I am going to Thespian Confrence this weekend. I need to start planning what I want to do there and all. I'm so stoked. Four days with drama kids and no parents and no school or stress. I can't wait for the bliss.Thanks for reading and I got two comments! I was utterly stoked. : )

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I did It!

these photos are my bummy side of fashion. I have had a stressful couple of weeeks so this is as good as it gets. ha
Sorry the picture is soooo blurrry. And I was on the phone but I loved this outfit.

My punk girll day. My friend tye dyed this t-shirt for me and I decorated my converse. High socks were perfect for the weather.

It was a very stressful day. When I'm not at school im wearing this hat.

The skirt is a size to big and I like wearing my skirts higher on my waist and not at my hips so lets say the belt is literally holding it up. And thats why the skirt is kind of buckeling in the front.

Sorry for the millions of pictures but I felt the need to recap and show that I have been documenting my outfits and Ill try to just stick with one a post : )
So i finally did it, I finally learned how to create cat eyes with eyeliner. My friends blew off our plans today and my family ran away from me for the day so I spent it trying out some shweeet
sweaters and drawing on my face. I have had some great fashion experiences lately. MY director for drama told my parents that costuming was my niche and it was something I should continue doing and make a career out of it. I felt like all my hard work had paid off. Thanks jesus. I will post recent outfits that I have come across and actually pictured. The weather here sucks. Its 65 then 43 and then raining cats and dogs for 4 days straight. BLECH ON weather and the weather man. I wore my romper yesterday for the first time and I got strange looks and compliments. I felt like Goldie Hawn circa Butterflies are Free. I love that movie. Haven't been updating because I have been doing the show which is going really well and I am loving the thrill. These "Hell weeks" will be the weeks I remember from high school. Nothing better than stress plus freaky friends that you can't get enough off. Tell your friends about me. I'm trying to get this going. : ) peace.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hell Week

So I don;t have any followers? hah. someone want to help a sister out? well hell week for my school musical starts this monday. its going to crazy and all time will be devoted to drama and only seeing my drama friends. hope i dont kill my costume crew : stick around and tell your friends.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I got red hair, wear beanies, and glasses for no reason. I'm odd and people in my life think "who is that girl think she is?, What is she wearing?, why am I not that cool?" I'd like to think the most common would be the later, but I'm possibly a little biased. I fit into my drama club, but not high school. My mom says I'm too mature, but I think I'm a little judgemental against people who judge? If that makes sense? I want to show off my love for clothes and express interests and wants even if its just an outlet to try to speak my feelings. I hope you like me. Cause this is possibly my heart, thoughts, and dreams. But most definately my passion for fashion *finger snap*.