Monday, February 15, 2010

Hey I think your cute, would you like to be my new best friend?

Yay for Chad Suggs!!!! So Thes Con was fun, but much was canceled to all the shameless snow floating around. Lets leave it at , I hate snow! Its almost twelve and I really just wanted to blog. Even thoguh I'm pretty sure no one is reading this ha. I recently took a little trip an Urban Outfittters and shemlessly bought an my first Urban Renewal dress. Its so adorkable and polka-dotted, can't wait to wear it and also purchased a smownderful light pink high waisted skirt to add to my collection. I attempted to clean my room, but as explaining this to a friend she replied with, your room is clean messy all the time, yet again reminding me of my ridiculous amounts of clutter. OH back to Urban, anyone seen the recent catalog? Its beautiful look back at the vintage loveliness. Loved it. I'm pining over this dress above. Absolutely delicious. Due to the incliment weather I was sporting pairs of jeans and many grandma sweaters. Not to adorable, but I did get a hug pin from an exceptionally beautiful looking man. : )
Peace, KivaKeva?


  1. I just saw their recent catalog a few days ago, I too loved the vintage loveliness :)

  2. i love the open back!!