Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back to Work

This was a pretty fun day. I spent my day in the first oufit which I have been planning on for about 3 weeks now and then went to a masquerade at school and dressed like a girl from the 40s with no mask, don't ask me why I can't be normal and go with the rules, but I can't. HA That dress is genius and fits like a glove around my waist.

SO I'm back in school! UGHHH. Does anyone truly like it? I never have been able to. I feel like I could be teaching myself REAL LIFE things and not worry about the shtuff I'm being forced to learn now. They are literally shoving knowledge down my throat and I sure don't want it.

Something that has been on my mind lately is perfection. What is perfection? Perfect according to the defintion is conforming absolutely to the description of defination to an ideal type. What is that? IS perfection another way to conform? TO become something that your not? I know that I'm NOT perfect, I know I have blemishes, physically and mentally. SO how come when I am trying to be myself I'm compared to perfect? Compared to conformity? Thats disgusting to me. How could I ever be an ideal that someone put me into and made up? I'm really over the idea of perfect and what is normal. I have never wanted that lifestyle and I am sick and tired of those who try so hard to fit into it. AKA MY HIGH SCHOOL. It's full of conformists and suck-ups. Who wants that? Who wants to live that way? Maybe I'm the wierd one and maybe I don't make sense, but I love who I am and if no one likes that then screw it. I watched Little Miss Sunshine and Dwayne stated "Do what you love and fuck the rest." Unbelievably true and I wish my fellow classmates could see it too.

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