Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mentos? How 90s.

I walked downstairs claiming to join the Runaways : ) I really loved this outfit. TO bad I didn't show it off as it should have been.
I cleaned on this day and so by the end of it taking pictures made me happy. : ) Sorry for the awkward facial expression in the clothing picture.
Shooo, my past few days have included no school, backseat goodbye, constantly talking to my best friend, and dressing in tights and shorts. You guys are going to kill me cause tomorrow I plan on rocking the shorts and tights yet again. : sorry! I think the goodgirl/rebellion in me is forcing me to do this, due to my exceptionally long arms and legs and short torso, I never get away with wearing shorts to school and wearing tights doesn't work on these homies either. Whatever, I get good grades and am involved in extra curriculars, but that doesn't include a sport, so I don't get to break the rules. You know how many cheerleaders I see rocking super short skirts/dresses with NO tights. NOT ONLY should it be illegal in this weather, but the fact they ALL get away with it makes me want to kill someone. SORRY for the rant. Look at my CLOTHES : )


  1. Haha, so true. The cheerleaders wear the shortest/skirts I've ever seen! Yet, they get no crap for it. If anyone wears a super short dress at my school without any tights on, other girls automatically give you dirty looks.
    Your outfit is very cute!

  2. Very cute outfit love the tights and shorts and headbands

  3. stumbled across your blog :)
    very cute outfit!