Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bright Eyes

THis is funky looking too, but I liked how kinda eerie it looked I played with it on picnik a little so sorry it turned out wierd ha. yet another day of rain so I whipped out a pair of pants I bought forever go and whipped out this rock n' roll vibe. On my feet are TOMS, but they got a little wet due to all the rain. : (

Sorry for yet another blurry picture. My blue jean skirt is back again and with a vengence. This sweater is my moms from high school. She graduated in the 70s : ) It was a treasure to find so I played up a quirky nerdy cheerleader, wholesome being the emphasized word. : )

My sudden obsession with Bright Eyes is wierd. I got the music from off our family computer which recently crashed so good thing I got it while I could. Now I have my own computer and I don't have any of my music on it. YIKES. I am going to Thespian Confrence this weekend. I need to start planning what I want to do there and all. I'm so stoked. Four days with drama kids and no parents and no school or stress. I can't wait for the bliss.Thanks for reading and I got two comments! I was utterly stoked. : )

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